Was Sirhan a Manchurian Candidate?

by usaahoy

The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) was a film about somebody being brainwashed and forced to carry out an assassination. This term has been coined to represent anybody under a control not of their own, being made to do something with a trigger word, without having any idea of  what they are doing, ‘A psychologically-manipulated patsy’

This though, is probably the only way that Sirhan was going to have a lesser sentencing, so his lawyers favoured this theory, claiming that he was programmed to shoot the politician while under hypnosis.
This then asks another question – who ‘programmed’ Sirhan? His lawyers couldn’t answer, saying ”Someone, some group or some agency did this,” When asked if the US government was responsible, Mr Pepper said: “Perhaps”. (Bill Pepper, the New York attorney who led Sirhan’s 14th attempt to be given parole [02 Mar 2011])

The main suspect for brainwashing Sirhan is “The polka-dotted dress girl”
Sirhan was seen in the pantry (Place of Assassination) and around the hotel with a girl wearing a white dress with blue or black polka-dots.  The girl and another male were seen running away from the pantry following the shooting shouting “We shot him. We shot him.” When Sandy Serrano ( A campaign worker) asked who they meant, the girl replied “Senator Kennedy.” This was corroborated by LAPD officer Paul Sharaga, who was told the same thing by an elderly couple behind the hotel. There were many other witnesses who had seen the ‘polka-dot girl’ with Sirhan leading up to the assassination.

In April 2011 lawyers for Sirhan submitted new evidence – under a trance spell induced by Harvard University trauma memory and hypnosis expert Daniel Brown, Sirhan talked about what he remembered from the time, who since the assassination has remained adamant that he has no recollection of.
This new evidence “shows their client was manipulated by the mystery girl and had no sense of what he was doing” They suggested that Sirhan was not the main perpetrator, merely a “decoy” that a second person that actually shot and killed the president could hide behind. Sirhan maintains that he was under hypnosis and that the polka-dot girl had “pinched him on the shoulder” which in this case, was the trigger for Sirhan – The Manchurian candidate. He said that the pinch had sent him into what he called “range mode” in which all he could see were the circles from the range that him and the polka-dot girl had frequently visited. “I thought I was at the range more than I was actually shooting at any person, let alone Bobby Kennedy.”
He also talked about his infatuation with this girl,  ”I was fascinated with her looks,” “She never said much. It was very erotic. I was consumed by her. She was a seductress with an unspoken unavailability.” This would have also helped with the the manipulation.
Since the polka-dot girl has never been seen again, the motives of physiologically manipulating Sirhan are unknown.