Who killed RFK?

by usaahoy

Sirhan Sirhan fired upon Robert Kennedy, with the intent to kill, but the autopsy report, coupled with dozens of eyewitnesses to the scene, cast doubt on the otherwise obvious conclusion that Sirhan actually fired the shots that hit RFK.
The evidence is strong that Sirhan was stalking Kennedy in the company of a young blond girl (The polka-dot girl) and another male companion.
Many have cast suspicion on Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard with right-wing views on race who was escorting Kennedy by the arm through the pantry, was seen drawing his gun and possibly firing it, and told false stories about a .22 he owned (that he had sold it before the assassination, rather than after). But at least one witness claimed to see a different gunman to the rear of Kennedy firing the fatal shots.
The girl in the polka-dotted dress was never found – the LAPD insisted that campaign worker Valerie Schulte was the girl seen by some, despite differences in her appearance and clothing.

Who were the accomplices? The LAPD decided not to try to find out. Sirhan’s motivation for assassinating Kennedy for political reasons, in particular RFK’s support for Israel, doesn’t hold up well under analysis. For one thing, the TV documentary he cited as provoking him was seen in L.A. on May 20, and Kennedy’s speech supporting fighter jets to Israel wasn’t given until the 26th. But it was on May 18 that Sirhan wrote “RFK must die” over and over in his notebook.

Political views related to the Arab-Israeli conflict could have motivated Sirhan Sirhan,but that motivation was not the same for his accomplices. The many, many leads that exist, including Jerry Owen and perhaps Michael Wayne, point toward right-wing religious extremists, but there is not enough to go on to make any definite statement. The weird behavior of the polka-dotted dress girl and her companion dont seem to be like that of brainwashing killers.
But Robert Kennedy had accumulated many powerful enemies during his career – CIA officers, organized crime bosses, Vietnam war supporters. Seeing as Kennedy’s achieving the Presidency would scare any of them, it is not at all clear who the ultimate supporters of Sirhan and his accomplices might have been.

From the evidence found – Coroners report, eyewitness statements, bullets found, direction of shots and the ballistics report stating the killer was behind Kennedy etc etc, I can make my own personal judgement. This judgement was that I think there was a second shooter, and that statement is as far as I can go. After that, there are too many uncertainties and too much conflicting evidence to make a reliable judgement. No motive, no opportunity, and no will lined up together. I also think that Sirhan’s alleged ‘brainwashing’ was a lie made up by lawyers to get him a lesser sentance and for him to be not solely responsible. 
The solid eveidence that was collected has either been tampered with or destroyed. This means that to investigate further, you would need to analyse every piece of evidence with perceptive and thorough thought. This is hugely time consuming and I think this is the aim of whoever has tried to cover up this crime.